We change the way

you think about

premix cocktails


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too long. too slow. too boring. too repetitive. too much blah-blah, not enough ha-ha. that’s how we feel about weekdays.. Life happens at the WEEKEND -  

If you only remember

a few things about

us, make it these:

We keep it

in the family

On a warm summer night at Ghent's Copacobana festival, brothers Victor and Felix, along with their cousin Dimi, found themselves craving Mojitos to kickstart their party mood. However, a painfully slow queue at the bar threatened to spoil their night.

They observed the beer line moving faster and wondered if cocktails could be served more efficiently.

Fast-forward a year, and their entrepreneurial spirit led them to create a business offering on-tap cocktails. The very same festival placed an order for 100 liters of their cocktails, which sold out in just two hours, saving festival-goers from the dreaded long lines and making their event experience unforgettable.

Meanwhile, WEEKEND® not only makes cocktails by the keg but also by the bottle, and you can find our brand in numerous bars and shops throughout Europe.


Meet Lou,

our head of mixology

He’s the man responsible for what’s in your glass. Lou’s worked in hospitality from the age of 16, and has since made his mark on several world-renowned cocktail bars as well as freelanced as a mixologist and consultant. In other words, this guy knows his way around a good drink.

Lou invests his time, expertise and experience into carefully sourcing the best ingredients and developing reliably good recipes to make this happen. Whether a classic cocktail with a twist, or a drink that’s entirely his own creation, his spirit runs through everything in our portfolio.

picture of Lou Claessens bartender head mixologist